Core Values

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    Core Value 1: District 91 values being an inclusive school community where all individuals are valued and respected  

    Core Value 2: District 91 values small classes that support the continuous improvement of each individual child

    Core Value 3: District 91 values providing innovative instruction, programs and learning opportunities for each individual child within and beyond the classroom that results in improved academic achievement

    Core Value 4: District 91 values open, honest and effective two-way communication to engage the community in the educational process

    Core Value 5: District 91 values promoting its excellence and accomplishments to a broad community

    Core Value 6: District 91 values safe, nurturing environments that invite and engage all members of the community

    Core Value 7: District 91 values and supports qualified and effective professionals committed to our students and representative of the diversity of our community

    Core Value 8: District 91 values fiscally responsible planning that ensures resources are used appropriately to support district values and goals