Vehicle Information

  • Vehicle Registration: Local

    -All Forest Park residents must promptly register their vehicles with the Village by purchasing a vehicle sticker by April 1 of each year or upon moving into the Village.

    -To purchase a sticker, visit Village Hall with proof of residency and the title or state registration for each vehicle.

    -The owner of any vehicle that is regularly housed or frequently parking in the Village must also purchase and display a vehicle sticker as outlined by Village ordinance. (6-2-1A2)

    Vehicle Registration: State 

    If you are new to Illinois, you must register your vehicle with the nearest Secretary of State vehicle service office, where you may also obtain an Illinois driver's license. To locate the nearest office, visit or call (800) 252-8980.

    Parking: Overnight parking

    -On-street parking is prohibited in the Village of Forest Park from 2:00 pm to 5:00 am. All vehicles must be parked legally on private property, or residents may purchase a permit to park their vehicle in a night-only or 24-hour parking space in municipals lots.

    -Residents whose overnight guests need to park on the street may use the “Village of Forest Park” app or call (708) 366-7272 between the hours of 8:00 pm and 2:00 am for permission.

    Parking: Parking Permits

    To obtain a permit to park either at night only ($25/month) or 24 hours a day ($40/month) in a municipal lot, call Village Hall at (708) 366-2323. Proof of residency required. (O-33-07, 6-4-4-C)

    Parking: Abandoned Vehicles

    Any vehicle in disrepair, parked in view and not moved for seven days will be ticketed, and then towed. The owner will be cited.