• Illinois School Code Definition.  14A-2 - Gifted and Talented Children

    "Gifted children" and "Talented children" for the purpose of this Article 14A means children whose mental development is accelerated beyond the average or who have demonstrated a specific aptitude or talent and can profit from specially planned educational services to the extent they need them.  The term includes children with exceptional ability in academic subjects, high level thought processes, divergent thinking, creativity and the arts.  In recognition of the need to have appropriate services and programs available to gifted children, the State Board of Education shall support a statewide program of early identification of gifted children.  Eligibility for participation in programs established pursuant to this Article shall be determined solely through identification of a child as gifted or talented; no program shall condition participation upon race, religion, sex, disability or any factor other than a student's identification as gifted or talented. 

    School District 91 Philosophy

    Our mission, in partnership with home and community, is to educate each child in a safe and nurturing environment where we will foster respect and self-worth, teach the skills relevant to contemporary life, promote academic success and creative expression, encourage an appreciation of the rich cultural diversity of our global community, and instill a sense of wonder for the future thus enabling our students to become citizens and life-long learners. 

    Challenge Program Philosophy

    In accordance with the stated philosophy of the Forest Park Schools, and in recognition of the differentiated needs of gifted students, the Challenge Program will provide opportunities designed to broaden and extend the learning process.  Learning will be enhanced by materials, tasks and experiences differentiated in content, process, products and/or performance. 

    To learn more about the Challenge Program download the Challenge Program Overview 2018 document below or access the Challenge Program for Gifted Students website at http://www.challengeclass.com/.  

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