• Superintendent's Message


    I am honored and excited to be selected as the new superintendent of this magnificent district.  Since the announcement in January, I have begun my listening tour, sitting with our Board members, Principals, Secretaries, District Leadership, our Mayor and other D91 partners. I am truly looking forward to meeting you in person when the time comes.

    As an educator, my core values revolve around bringing a sense of belonging in every aspect of schooling.  When you feel you belong, from secretaries, food staff, aides, teachers, parents and especially our students, then you are able to put forth your best in all you do and you believe in yourself.  This sense of belonging provides a feeling of non-judgment, where mistakes are expected, accepted and respected allowing all the comfort to grow, continue to be curious and innovate. 

    • I believe in the power of an educator in the lives of children. 
    • I believe in celebrating the whole child.  I believe in acknowledging and celebrating our diversity. 
    • I believe a positive school climate and culture starts from great leadership with our principals, assistant principal and our teachers. 

    Collectively, we will lead with equity, instill high expectations and provide feedback to allow gaps to be addressed in learning and teaching.  I lead with reflection, collaboration, positivity, follow through with next steps and most importantly, integrity.

    I have had mentors that have become champions for me and I am now thrilled to be a champion for each of you in District 91.  Together, we will provide support, resources and instruction for all our children.  More importantly, in promoting District 91 as a high-performing district, one where students lift their heads high with pride on graduation day, our students will be confident they are prepared for high school and beyond, and set up for success as our next generation of leaders.


    Dr. Elizabeth Alvarez, Superintendent of Schools 





Dr. Elizabeth Alvarez