• Get to Know a Great School District!

    As a village that combines the abundant resources of an urban setting with a small town sense of community, Forest Park is fortunate to have a profusion of talented, dedicated, and passionate individuals who work together every single day to make the educational experience the best it can be for our students.

    Everyone Plays a Role

    • Dedicated School Board - individuals who are passionate about education and who take the time to understand District needs in order to provide the resources necessary to deliver successful outcomes for all students.
    • Involved Parents - starting day one parents are encouraged to participate in the District from parent/teacher conferences and classroom contributions to involvement with parent/teacher organizations, committees (e.g. Citizen's Advisory Council) and the Board of Education.
    • Valued Teachers and Staff - District 91 places a high value on their teachers and staff, encouraging the ongoing exchange of ideas to improve the individual educaitonal experience, and promoting personal growth through ongoing, job-embedded professional development opportunities.

    Everyone Benefits!

    • Personalized Attention - teachers give our students the individual attention they need and take an active interest in their success.
    • Innovative Instruction - inquiry and project-based learning strategies combined with wise use of technology in the classroom.
    • Small Class Size - with an average size of 16, District 91 teachers can promote an exceptional educational experience day after day.
    • Small School District - we know every student; we know their parents, too.
    • Technology - cutting edge perosnal and classroom technology enables students to capture, connect and reflect upon life-changing ideas, feelings, images and questions.


Betsy Ross Beebots