• Equity Imperative

    Recognizing that systemic bias has plagued our educational system, we commit to nurturing dialogue around all issues of inequity, including culture, race, faith, socioeconomic status, gender identiry, sexual orientation, and different ability, as they pertain to classroom practices, school and school district structures, and policies and procedures.  We support actions removing barriers to opportunities that allow children to reach their full potential.  Given this imperative, the District 91 Board of Education will:

    • Ensure that all board decisions consider disparities of those who have been marginalized in society;
    • Require the evaluation of the impact of all proposed programs, systems, curriculum, and instructional methods on marginalized groups and individuals;
    • Provide students with equitable resources, opportunities and supports;
    • Promote practices that attract and retain a qualified workforce, diverse in experiences, reflecting the demographic diversity of our students;
    • Ensure board members and staff receive training promoting an understanding of racial identity and cultural competences, identifying and addressing implicit and explicit biases.
    • Provide a variety of opportunities to involve our diverse community members as active collaborators to ensure that all constituents can be involved and are welcomed to do so;
    • Acknowledge and address possible inequities when adopting all board policies.


    D91 Partnership with National Equity Project (NEP)

    The NEP possesses deep expertise in educational theory, pedagogy, cultural competency, racial justice and facilitation and mediation.  We have a solid infrastructure, built and supported by inspired, super-competent leadership, a leadership that is diverse, forward-thinking, and non-hierarchial - modeling the best of what District 91 wants in their schools.

    NEP Vision Statement

    We believe that every child has the right to a quality education, and we support people to become leaders who make good on that promise.

    NEP Mission Statement

    • Our mission is to dramatically improve educational experiences, outcomes, and life options for students and families who have been historically underserved by their schools and districts.
    • We work to build culture, conditions, and competencies for excellence and equity in districts, schools, classrooms, non-profits, and communities.  We work with partners across the U.S. and are always seeking new partners who are committed to achieving equity in education.
    • We offer deep, authentic and supportive partnership, meeting our clients where they are through a range of customized coaching and consulting services.
Dr. Elizabeth Alvarez
Equity Training