• A Formula for Math Success in District 91!

    As we begin the 2020-2021 school year, District 91 will continue its laser focus on improving math outcomes for students at every grade level.  While teaching and learning is complex and ever-changing - indeed from one moment to the next - the district has identified critical areas of focus:

    • Equity - equity is a common theme for all critical areas, as the district's equity initiative is the center-piece of our strategic planning and the lens through which every aspect of teaching and learning is considered.
    • Curriculum and Assessment - The district is committed to providing students a consistent and comprehensive learning experience from pre-Kindergarten through eighth-grade, ensuring that students from one year to the next see themselves advancing in their learning and strengthening their own math identity.
    • Materials and Resources - One of the district values is providing innovative instruction, programs and learning opportunities for each individual child within and beyond the classroom that results in improved academic achievement.  This includes a pilot program for a new math textbook, Big Ideas Math.
    • Teaching and Leadership - An important part of teaching is modeling learning.  In the summer of 2019, district math teachers and administrators attended the national conference on Cognitively Guilded Instruction (CGI) to learn about how students naturally think about mathematics, ways to listen to what students are thinking and engaging students in activities that encourage them to see themselves as powerful math learners.  
    • Families and Strategic Partnerships - The 2019-2020 school year offers exciting new opportunities to connect with families and develop partnerships with organizations to improve math learning for students.  To this end, every school hosts two math nights throughout the year where parents are invited to join the teaching staff to engage in math activities.


    To learn more about District 91's laser focus on improving math outcomes go to: Connections Newsletter Fall 2019.  

  • "The district seeks to engage students in learning math in a way that will make every student recognize that they are a valued member of a math community in their classroom." 

    James Edler, Director of Innovative Instruction

Math Success