• Kindergarten and Preschool Registration

    Kindergarten Registration

    This year, in response to COVID-19 and our ongoing efforts to reduce unnecessary personal contact, we will be utilizing the Illuminate Home Connection (IHC) parent portal for online registration for Kindergarten.  There will be no Kindergarten in-person registration option. 

    However, District 91 will be holding the 2020-2021 Kindergarten screenings by appointment only at Betsy Ross and Garfield schools on Tuesday, August 11 and Wednesday, August 12, 2020. You must register online before scheduling an appointment.

    To make an appointment, families will need to email their school’s secretary with the child’s name, parent/guardian name, address, phone number and the child’s date-of-birth.  Do not contact school secretaries before August 3rd since no one will be in the offices prior to that date. Secretaries will call families to set up appointments beginning Monday, August 3, 2020. Families living south of I-290 go to Betsy Ross - Patty Marino at pmarino@fpsd91.org or call 708-366-7498.  Families living north of I-290 go to Garfield - Diane Rice at drice@fpsd91.org or call 708-366-6945.

    If you are new to the district or have never registered a child before and need to register your child for Kindergarten, you should follow the registration instructions on the New-to-District Students tab. 

    You should follow the registration instructions for Returning Students if:

    • Your child attended Forest Park Preschool (you are already in the District 91 system);
    • Your child did not attend Forest Park Preschool but you have an older child registered in the district (login on the Returning Students tab, register your other children and in the lower left-hand corner add your child under Preregistration for Kindergarten.)


    If you have any questions or concerns regarding Kindergarten Registration, please contact Patty Marino, secretary at Betsy Ross Primary School, if you live south of I-290, at pmarino@fpsd91.org.  Families who live north of I-290 should contact Diane Rice, secretary at Garfield Primary School, at drice@fpsd91.org.

    Preschool Registration

    District 91 is no longer accepting new student registrations for Preschool for the 2020-2021 school year.  However, if your child is returning to Preschool, you need to follow the online registration instructions under the Returning Students tab.  You will receive a mailing with online registration instructions and an access code to access the Illuminate Home Connection parent portal.  

    If you have questions, please contact the Forest Park Preschool secretary, Diane Rice, at drice @fpsd91.org or call 708-366-6945.