• Expectations for Remote Learning

    As the district prepares for a remote start to the 2020-21 school year, it is important to distinguish how remote learning in the fall will reflect the district’s increased capacity to deliver high quality learning opportunities from a distance. The district is committed to being flexible and adaptive to meet the needs of students and their families, to be sure that no student is denied access to learning. The district also remains committed to maintaining high expectations in order to simultaneously address learning loss due to last year’s closure and move learning forward.  The district seeks to achieve continuity in learning when transitioning between remote and in-person environments highlighted by the following key messages:

    • The remote learning schedules will closely align to an in-person school day, and students will be expected to actively engage in synchronous learning regularly throughout the day.
    • Teachers will use Illuminate to take attendance regularly throughout the day.
    • The district will administer the fall FASTbridge benchmark including those assessments that are computer-administered as well as those that are teacher-administered.
    • Teachers will use summative assessments and evidence of student growth to provide students and their guardian(s) a report card that includes both grades and qualitative feedback at the end of each quarter.
    • Students will engage in at least 5 hours of learning per day. This includes a combination of synchronous learning activities as well as any additional time spent on school work individually. 


Remote Learning