• e-Learning

    The purpose of our e-Learning program is to provide continued learning for students in the event that the regular school day schedule is disrupted due to unforeseen closures. The district will leverage our 1:1 technology resources to provide students with relevant remote instruction and assignments that students can be engaged with when our school sites are not accessible due to emergency school closures.

    What are the expectations for an e-Learning Day?

    During e-learning, it is expected that at least 5 hours (2 hours of synchronous and 3 hours of asynchronous) of work per day will be provided for each student participating in an e-learning day. This is determined by the average time for the activity as determined by the teacher. Each child, however, is an individual and may finish assignments and activities in more or less time than the planned five hours. Teachers should develop a choice menu of activities, at least one of which can be completed without a device. Non-electronic assignments will be provided to those students without online/wifi access. These assignments will be made available for pick-up if applicable at a designated location that will be communicated by the teacher.

    Subject Level Middle School Classes 6-8:

    Approximately 40-minute learning activities aligned to subject-level curriculum guides. Teachers should develop a choice menu of activities, one of which can be completed without a device.

    Elementary K-5:

    • 60 minutes of core ELA (synchronous-LIVE)
    • 60 minutes of math (synchronous-LIVE)
    • 30 minutes of independent practice for ELA, Math or other subject or intervention/tier 2 or 3 (asynchronous or synchronous-LIVE)
    • 30 minutes of science or social studies (asynchronous-Independent)
    • 30 minutes of writing activities aligned with district curriculum guides (asynchronous-Independent)
    • 30 minutes of library instruction (asynchronous-Independent)30 minute special of music/art (asynchronous-Independent)
    • 30 minute PE/movement activity (asynchronous-Independent)

    Learning Activities for Students with Disabilities

    • Students with special needs and language needs will be provided the same accommodations and adaptations provided during the regular school day when appropriate.
    • Related service minutes for students with special needs and language domains will be made up upon return to school. Practice activities from related service personnel may be provided but will not replace related service minutes.
    • Students with special education services that are unable to participate in the e-Learning lessons due to their disability may be provided with alternative individualized lessons by their case manager.
    • Parents of students with special needs may contact the case manager or classroom teacher via email with questions regarding their child’s assignments and activities.

    How will we find out about the activities for the e-Learning days?

    Parents will be notified in the usual ways that they have been notified throughout the school year (D91 website, email, text, social media, media, and class dojo)

    All students in grades K-8 will be provided a Chromebook to take home prior to the first day of e-Learning day. Those students that have a device and access it at home may use their own device. Teachers may also provide any printed resources or textbooks or novels. Seesaw can also be utilized.

    Students in pre-K will be provided assignments from our printed resources. Assignments for each day will be emailed to parents and all work collected upon return to school