Social/Emotional Resources

  • Forest Park School District 91 believes in the importance of social/emotional learning for all students. Our school social workers push into general education classrooms to teach all students expectations for being responsible, respectful, and safe. They use the 2nd Step Curriculum to supplement lessons and activities. Our social work program works closely with our PBIS teams to ensure a three-tiered approach to meeting students’ needs. Tier two interventions may include “Check In-Check Out” (CICO), student mentor, staff mentor, Social Academic Instructional Groups (SAIG), or other small groups with the social worker. If the social worker plans to meet with your child more than 6 times throughout the school year, a letter will be sent home to obtain parents’ permission. To speak with your school social worker regarding any concerns, please see the staff list with their email and contact information.

  • Andrea Coco

    Betsy Ross School



    Emily Berman

    Garfield Primary Center

    (708) 366-6945


    Emily Jasinski

    Field-Stevenson School

    (708) 366-5703


    Lucia Suarez

    Grant-White School

    (708) 366-5704


    Jacqueline Luehrs

    Forest Park Middle School