Innovative Instruction

  • In an effort to facilitate innovate instruction, Forest Park School District 91 is committed to providing a safe and secure technology rich learning environment with current technology, information resources, and professional learning. Forest Park School District 91 ensures that all students will have the opportunity to develop the 21st century skills necessary to be productive citizens in a rapidly-changing, information-driven, global society.

    Students will become:

    • Capable information seekers and life-long learners
    • Information seekers, analyzers and evaluators
    • Problem solvers, critical thinkers, and decision makers
    • Creative and effective users of productivity tools
    • Communicators, collaborators, publishers and producers
    • Informed, responsible and contributing citizens

    Teachers will:

    • Improve instructional strategies to increase student achievement
    • Accurately and efficiently assess, monitor and communicate student progress
    • Continuously improve professional skills through professional learning
    • Share resources and skills with colleagues

    Administrators will:

    • Promote the use of technology as an instructional and administrative tool
    • Demonstrate vision and leadership for the use of technology in raising student achievement and staff productivity
    • Provide immediate and easy access to data sources for instructional and administrative decision-making
    • Integrate technology into procedures of the District

Difference Between Innovative Instruction & Technology

  • Many people may find these two words synonymous, but there is a critical difference that is important to understanding our school district’s vision for learning.

    In District 91, we see “technology” being a tool. Technology as a tool can range from a pencil to a protractor to a Chromebook. These devices allow users to complete tasks faster, more accurately, etc. They are vital for accelerating learning.

    In District 91, we see “innovation” being the process of creating something new and valuable.  Innovation as a process can be creatively approaching a problem, accessing information locally and globally, collaborating with teammates and critically thinking toward a solution to present to others for feedback. This is vital for amplifying learning.

    Together, both technology and innovative learning experiences are needed to prepare students to achieve success in the modern workplace.

  • James Edler

    Director of Innovative Instruction

    (708) 366-5700 x306