Student Transportation

  • Important Information Regarding Student Transportation (updated August 3, 2020)

    • Student transportation will not be provided for general education students until we reach Phase V.
    • Parents will be responsible for getting their children to school.
    • District 91 is not required to provide transportation and will be unable to accommodate this optional service to parents until we no longer have IDPH restrictions.
    • Students in special education that have transportation in their IEP will be provided with door-to-door transportation.
    • A temperature check will be required before boarding the bus.
    • All buses will be electrostatically disinfected after each use.


    Student Transportation Information (Not applicable to the 2020-2021 school year)

    Bus transportation is provided for all students grades K through 5 to and from each attendance center. Buses leave at 7:45 am from Betsy Ross School and Garfield School and at 8:00 am from Field-Stevenson School and Grant-White School. Buses will leave promptly at the scheduled times due to other transportation responsibilities.

    Due to the large number of riders per bus, special transportation requests (such as scout meetings, birthday parties, playtime at a friend's house) cannot be honored. Also, parents will have to drive their children to school if they miss the bus. 

    Proper student behavior while riding the school bus is essential for the saftey of all students. Students are under the jurisdiction of the school bus driver and the bus aide while riding the bus unless the Superintendent designates another adult to supervise the riders.