Meal Payment

  • What is PushCoin?

    • Online meal ordering and payment system
    • School online sales
    • Fee collection*
    • For more information see 

    Why are we using PushCoin?

    • PushCoin is available to all families and provides an online option for ordering breakfast and lunch (includes free or reduced price)
    • Makes payments easy, fast and safe
    • Free instant electronic reload of account balance
    • Parents are able to sign up for low-balance alerts and access PushCoin from mobile devices
    • View the breakfast and lunch menus with pricing
    • Easy access from the Food Services section of the website (found on the Home Page)

    The following information is provided to help create and fund a PushCoin account:

    Video Instructions

    Please watch this video to learn how to set up your Pushcoin account as well as how to order breakfast and lunch for your student(s).

    Written Instructions

    Signing up for an account:

    • Sign up for PushCoin as a parent or guardian by visiting
    • Click I don’t have an account or use the accelerated sign up using Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn or Hotmail links.

    Adding a student(s):

    • Click Add Student.
    • Enter the student’s unique PushCoin registration code
    • Click Continue
    • Information about the student, along with a photo, should appear on the screen. Verify the information is correct and click I Confirm.
    • If a household has more than one student in the district, please repeat the steps above.

    Adding a funding source:

    • Click Accounts and Add Funding Source:
      • Options to choose from:
        • Electronic check (eCheck)
        • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover): Parents and guardians using a credit card will be notified of the total cost before submitting their transaction and have the opportunity to cancel and select another funding source. There is no fee at this time to use a credit card.

    Adding money to the account:

    • Click on Students
    • Click on Add Money in the student box (PushCoin requires a minimum funding amount of $35)
    • Enter the Card CVV (the 3 or 4 digit security code on the back of your card)
    • Enter funds in the box next to “Add funds to wallet”
    • Click Submit 

    How to order breakfast and lunch (must be complete one week in advance):

    • Visit
    • Click on the desired week
    • Select the desired days
    • Click Add to Cart
    • Go back to catalog to add more
    • When finished adding items, click on Checkout
    • Review the order
    • Click Continue
    • Click Submit (if necessary, add funds to wallet)

    More information about PushCoin:

    • PushCoin is a mobile-friendly website. A smartphone or a tablet can be used to fund and monitor a student’s meal account.
    • It is possible to check transaction history by logging into the PushCoin account and clicking Transactions.
    • If a student is eligible for free breakfast and/or lunch, there is no need at this time to use PushCoin.
    • If a student is eligible for reduced price breakfast and/or lunch, the reduced price will be applied after the student is selected.
    • At this time, a la carte lunch items available at Forest Park Middle School must still be purchased with cash.  
    • To fund a student’s electronic wallet, PushCoin requires a minimum funding amount of $35. The balance of the account does not need to be $35, but when adding funds, the minimum amount that can be added is $35.

    PushCoin is in place for the sole purpose of making ordering and paying for meals more convenient for parents and guardians. District 91 will incur all transaction fees on behalf of parents and guardians for eCheck and credit cards for this service.

    For and issues or questions, please contact PushCoin at 800-381-9917 or