Speech & Language Services

  • Forest Park School District 91 currently provides speech and language services to students ages 3 through 8th grade.  Students receiving these services can qualify for Speech and Language Therapy under a variety of categories.  

    At times, students are seen by a Speech and Language Pathologist through the Response to Intervention RTI) Model if a small, intensive instructional group would help correct the trouble they are having with their speech.  On the other hand, many students receive Speech and Language Therapy through an Individualized Education Plan or IEP.  IEP's are developed in order to outline the amount of service the student will receive on a monthly basis and what goals will be focused on during sessions.  

    If you think your child is in need of speech and language services, please contact your child's classroom teacher and discuss your concerns.  (If your child does not yet attend our schools, please contact Michell Hopper, Director of Student Services, at mhopper1@fpsd91.org)

    The following protocol is typical in most buildings:

    • Parent or teacher referral outlining the concern.
    • A brief observation of the student in the classroom.
    • If needed, a short one-on-one informal screening with parental consent.  
    • If needed, a formal evaluation to determine if deficits exist in the areas of concern with informed parental consent.  
    • An IEP meeting summarizing the results of the evaluation and outlining eligibility for services based on existing state criteria.  
    • Services delivered throughout the year during the child's school day as determined at the IEP meeting.

    Drop-off services can be an option to be worked out and agreed upon between the speech therapist and parent.


  • Alyssa Gustafson

    Speech Pathologist

    Field Stevenson/Middle School

    (708) 366.5742 x 235


    Elizabeth Daley

    Speech Pathologist

    Betsy Ross/Grant-White

    (708) 366.5703 / (708) 366.7498


    Julia Espinosa

    Speech Pathologist

    Garfield Primary Center

    (708) 366.6945


    Laura Nihill

    Speech Pathologist

    Garfield Primary Center


    (708) 366.6945