• Welcome to 7th Grade Science!

    New Science Standards

    In 7th grade you will explore Life Science (What's Going On Inside of Me? 1st Q), Chemistry (What stuff is made of 2nd Q), Earth Science (Weather 3rd Q), and Physical Science (How can we see? 4th Q) We will use a website curriculum called IQWST instead of a textbook, but we will also use books, videos, hands on labs and the internet to do research and gather evidence for what we learn. We will make observations both inside and outside, create our own questions about things we observe and do research to find out answers, just like real scientists do. We'll make claims and back up our claim with evidence and then explain the reasons behind our conclusions. We will create different ways of sharing what we learn with those around us, it may be a poster, model, a presentation or writing a children's book, but we will always share what we have learned with others. In that, we can all learn from each other!