Citizens' Advisory Council

  • Citizen's Advisory Council (CAC)

    The CAC serves as the District’s Improvement Planning Committee.  Members are responsible for sharing information from the Board of Education and the CAC with their represenative group and conversely sharing information from their group with the Council.  The CAC is also responsible for assisting in the development of student discipline policy as required by the Illinois School Code.  Any advice the CAC provides to the Board of Education will be prepared after careful study and research of the topic.  The CAC shall consist of representatives from:

    • Administration
    • Business community
    • Board of Education
    • Community organizations
    • Members-at-large as recommended to the Board by the Superintendent
    • Parent organization president or designee from each of the five district schools
    • Teachers
    • Village of Forest Park


    FY2020 CAC representatives:

    • Jennifer Barbahen
    • Marjory Bredrup
    • Jane Catezone
    • L'erin Cross
    • Rachell Ernst
    • Angela Hart
    • Abigail Hibbitts
    • Tinisa Huff
    • Meghan Hunt
    • Donna Marrocco
    • Kristin Pekoll
    • Monica Roundtree
    • Ryan Russ
    • Karrie Schlichting
    • Shannon Wood


    FY 2020 CAC meeting dates: Concluded for the year

CAC Agendas

CAC Minutes