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    Dear Field-Stevenson Families!

    The faculty and staff of Field-Stevenson Intermediate Center join me in welcoming you to our school. We look forward to working closely with you as we provide an exciting, engaging, fun and challenging educational program for our students. We encourage your active support and participation as we seek to provide a positive learning environment for all of our students. While the core curriculum is provided for all students, we believe that it is critical to provide leadership opportunities, character education through PBIS and exposure to different technologies in order to prepare students to compete with their global peers.

    We deeply believe that partnering with parents is essential for students to achieve their full human potential. You, as parents, are the most critical part of our school success. You play a crucial role in providing an atmosphere that promotes education and quality work habits.

    There are many ways you can get involved at school. Check out our awesome Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)! Your support provides the foundation for students to come ready to learn. To maximize your child’s success, emphasize the importance of education through the following:

    • Ensure that your child is at school on time each day.
    • Attend parent/teacher conferences and school events.
    • Monitor your child’s homework daily.
    • Expect and support positive behavior at school.
    • Read with your child or encourage your child to read daily.
    • Have fun, explore our local museums and attractions.
    • Encourage and nurture their hobbies and talents.
    • Laugh and enjoy the wonders of your child’s imagination.

    In addition, there are numerous volunteer opportunities in which we welcome you to become involved. Volunteers make a tremendous positive impact and enrich our educational programs. Your child’s teacher and our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) will also provide information for volunteering.  Please consider supporting our school in this way.

    Thank you for entrusting your child(ren’s) education and well being to us. School and home can work together to build skills and knowledge, reinforce values, and develop a strong sense of self worth.  We must invest our time and energies in our nation’s most valuable resource-our children- to ensure they are ready to live happy and fulfilling lives. If you have any questions or concerns please come in, call or email me at tbrunson@forestparkschools.org


    Dr. Tiffany Brunson, Principal

    Eric Beltran, Assistant Principal

    Go Sharks!