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    Dear Betsy Ross Families!

    Welcome to Betsy Ross Elementary School. Betsy Ross School is proud to be a part of the Forest Park School District 91 and member of the Forest Park community. Well known in the Forest Park community as “The Country Club of Schools” Betsy Ross continues to maintain a warm and charming environment, a pleasant and helpful staff, strong parent involvement, and great student achievement. Betsy Ross has earned the reputation as a great place to start a child on their path to learning! Our small class sizes and caring environment allow our teachers and staff to focus on each individual child’s needs socially, emotionally, and academically.

    The community at Betsy Ross School embraces the neighborhood school concept. We offer our services to all primary children who live on the south side of Forest Park. The support of our parents and neighbors help us to maintain a special “family-type” atmosphere in and around our school. At Betsy Ross School each and every child is accepted and appreciated for who they are. Our staff, our parents, and our neighbors in the community strive to help our children feel both loved and worthwhile as they grow to become productive citizens and lifelong learners.

    At Betsy Ross School we strive to do everything possible to “knock down any barriers of learning” for all our children. Each child at Betsy Ross is provided with all their school supplies and their own electronic device (tablet or Chromebook) at no cost to the parents. Our classrooms are fully air conditioned and provided with the latest in smart board technology. The rooftop garden and our private sensory garden provide our students the opportunity to learn in a safe outdoor environment.

    Betsy Ross School is located in Forest Park, Illinois, and currently houses students in grades kindergarten through second grade. Betsy Ross has a student enrollment of approximately 160 students. Over 80% of the teaching staff at Betsy Ross School has earned a Master’s Degree or higher. Our staff has been extensively trained in all the core areas of learning (including how to get the best use out of the latest technologies) and been given all the materials necessary to provide our children with the best educational experience possible. Each summer the staff returns to the classroom to enhance their learning and keep up with the current changes in education in order to provide our children at Betsy Ross with the best opportunity for becoming successful independent learners.

    We welcome all eligible families of Forest Park to come and be a part of Betsy Ross School where every student, parent, and staff member is a shining STAR!

    Stop by for a visit. We would love the opportunity to meet you!


    Yours for better schools,

    William J. Milnamow, Principal