Preschool Curriculum

  • Forest Park Preschool uses Creative Curriculum and follows the Illinois Early Learning Standards which are the foundation for student learning. 

    Children will: 
    -Be actively engaged in learning in a child-friendly environment 

    -Participate in a variety of centers, large groups, small groups and one on one opportunities

    -Work towards becoming an independent learner

    -Receive progress reports in the areas of literacy, math, science, social-emotional development and motor skills

    -Be supported by the community-wide Positive Behavior and Supports (PBIS) program

    -Become prepared for kindergarten 

District 91 Curriculum

  • District 91 is a community and culture of self-directed learners who possess 21st Century skills that empower them to succeed on their chosen path.

    The curriculum in District 91 is anchored in the Common Core State Standards, which are intended to serve as the basis for student assessment in Illinois. However, as a district, we recognize that there is more than just the Common Core State Standards and our curriculum must reflect that. In order for students to be successful in life, students will need to master the critical basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics as well as, and more importantly be able to apply these skills to think critically and solve problems, collaborate and communicate with others, and access, analyze, and evaluate information. 

    The district has worked hard the past two years to design curriculum maps for each grade level in both ELA and Math.


  • James Edler

    Director of Innovative Instruction

    (708) 366-5700 x306