• We're All in this Together!

    The recent events sparked by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis reminded me that, even while isolated from one another, we must think about the pain our District 91 African-American students, families and staff members must be feeling during this terrible moment in our country's history.

    At a time when I cannot gather the District 91 community together to have an open and honest discussion about racial inequity and the tragic results of prolonged systemic bias, I want nothing more.  My hope is that you all will talk to your loved ones, including your children, about this crucial issues.  These continuing conversations must be had if we are to heal and grow.

    Please know that District 91 will never condone hatred and injustice and will always stand for equality and justice.  In fact, District 91 Equity Imperative has never been more important than right now.

    As a District, we must recognize that systemic bias and call it out and commit to nurturing dialogue, even when it's difficult.  We must address issues of inequity because, as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "injustice anywhere is a threat to justic everywhere."

    We encourage everyone to choose justice, kindness, understanding and empathy over hatred.  Our future depends on it.


    Dr. Louis Cavallo, Superintendent of Schools and the District 91 Board of Education

    July 2020


  • Dr. Louis Cavallo 

    Superintendent of District 91 Schools


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Dr. Louis Cavallo