Health Services

  • School Health Information 

    The total health of your child is very important to us and crucial to his/her education and development. In order to ensure a meaningful health program for our students, it is essential that we share the responsibility of valuable health education and adequate health care. 

    Our major objectives in the school health office are: 

    1. The identification of and preventing the spread of contagious disease.
    2. The identification of a student's potential general health problem(s) in order that they be evaluated and treated by appropriate medical personnel in a timely manner. 
    3. Broad-based health education for our students.
    4. Support and information for our district's families regarding health issues through available resources. 
    5. Assurance that our district's students are adequately immunized and have appropriate, timely medical examinations in accordance with the Illinois Department of Public Health.
    6. Be accessible to all of our schools for consultation on any health-related problems.
    7. Maintenance and supervision of any self-administered medications needed by our students as outlined in our Medication Policy and Procedures. 

    Helping Children Cope with Changes Resulting from COVID-19

    Families across the country are adapting to the evolving changes in daily life caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Helping Children Cope with Changes Resulting from COVID-19 offers valuable insights on how to help your family members adjust to the new normal.  See the full article below. 

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