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Betsy Ross Grandparents Breakfast

The lines extended out the door as grandparents, grandchildren, and other family members waited patiently to enjoy the Grandparents Breakfast at Betsy Ross Primary Elementary School.  

Once inside, students took their grandparents to see their lockers and then shared a tasty breakfast serve by the Southside Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).  "This is a very fun event," said PTO president Jenny Brabahen.  "It's very well attended and we appreciate all the community support."

Principal Bill Milnamow, who has been with Betsy Ross for eighteen years, enjoys seeing all the happy faces.  "This really is a special occassion," said Milnamow.  "It's nice to give grandparents their individual day."

Diane Strickland, grandmother of kindergarten student Anthony Stickland, enjoyed attending the breakfast with her husband, Eric, and daughter-in-law Dilisha Wormely.  "From what we've observed, Betsy Ross is a great school," explained Stickland.  "The family stayed in Forest Park because of the schools.  Anthony loves coming here and the small class size offers him the benefits of personalized instruction, which is so important."

Doris Balfanz, who has lived in Forest Park since the 1940s, attended the event with her great-grandson, Anthony "AJ" Scolaro.  "I have great-grandchidlren and great-great grandchildren," said Balfanz, who wore a bright orange Halloween shirt to the breakfast.  "This is wonderful!"