No Potential Health Hazard!

You may have recently received some erroneous information concerning the existence of mold in our schools.  Here are the facts.

Our schools were tested on May 28, 2019 by an independent environmental company and the levels are well below the acceptable level and less than or equal to the outside air.  Subsequently, there is no health hazard at all in our schools.  


Forest Park School District 91 retained ECS Midwest, LLC (ECS)  to preform a focused microbial evaluation of Forest Park Middle School located at 925 Beloit Avenue, Forest Park, Cook County, Illinois.  Based on ECS' observations and measurements the following was noted:

  • Visible evidence of microbial growth was not observed; given this, swab samples were not collected.
  • Temperature and relative humidity measurements were noted to be within the ASHRAE/IDPH recommended ranges.  CO and CO2 were found to be below the recommended ASHRAE and NOISH concentrations.  Mesaurements were also found to be below the OSHA PEL.  VOCS were not detected.  Particulate levels were found to be below the OSHA PEL.  H2S was found to be below the recommended NIOSH concentration and OSHA PEL.  Humidity levels were found to be above the ASHRAE/IDPH recommended range.
  • With respect to countable airboure fungal spores, at this time, it does not appear that the indoor air quality is degraded and it is unlikely that additional risk exists over outdoor exposure.

For more information read the complete ECS Midwest, LLC report at