Student Transportation

District 91 bus service for registered K-8 students Starts on the 1st day of school.

ALL parents interested in utilizing the transportation service must complete the registration form. (The form allows parents to enter in more than one child. ), no later than Friday, August 12, 2022. At this time, our registration is closed, and we have created a wait list.

Please email Mr. Johnsen or call (708)366-5700 with any questions.

Thank You,

District 91 Transportation Department

Transportation Form

The transportation program is set up to pick the closest stop to your house and to average out the ridership across school routes as well as the entire District. All students are expected to walk to a local stop. Requests to move stops closer to a student's home for any reason are not honored unless required per a student's IEP.

Tentative schedules: 

  • All bus routes start at approximately 7:00 a.m. and leave school at dismissal.

Things to consider:

  • Students should be at their stop 5 minutes before their scheduled pick-up time; buses may be early or late due to traffic, weather conditions, or the number of students riding on any given day. Drivers cannot wait for students to arrive at the stop.

  • At the start of a new school year, there will be a 2-week adjustment period regarding any route or stop changes, unless there are safety issues or mistakes due to address changes. Individual requests for changing bus stop locations will not be honored.

Special Transportation Requests

Due to the large number of riders per bus, special transportation requests (such as scout meetings, birthday parties, playtime at a friend's house) cannot be honored. Also, parents will have to drive their children to school if they miss the bus. 

Student Behavior

Proper student behavior while riding the school bus is essential for the safety of all students. Masks are recommended on the bus. Students are under the jurisdiction of the school bus driver and the bus aide while riding the bus unless the Superintendent designates another adult to supervise the riders.

  • Listen to and follow directions the first time they are given

  • Use appropriate voice level

  • Use kind words

  • Respect EVERYONE on the bus

  • Keep food and drinks in backpack at all times

  • Be on time for pick-up

  • Keep all personal belongings with you

  • Keep hands, feet and objects to self

  • Wear your seatbelt

  • Remain seated with hands, feet and belongings out of aisle

  • Keep 10 feet from bus until loading