Community members sitting at small tables discussions

The Citizens' Advisory Council (CAC) is an advisory to the Board of Education, it is responsible for projects such as the Parent Handbook and our District's Asset Needs Assessment, a tool that will help inform our district leaders on improvement efforts. 

The CAC is in the process of conducting an Asset/Needs Assessment for our district in order to properly advise the Board of Education and provided feedback and recommendations for distinct wide improvements as the Board looks to finalize the 5-year Strategic plan.   

As a district, we want to implement an evidence-based strategy to bring together the resources of the schools, families, and community in order to make our schools stronger and help our students thrive. 

On the week of March 7th, 2022 the CAC set up Townhall: listening sessions for in-person and on zoom. They invited families and the Forest Park community to participate in the meetings to share their thoughts and opinions on the work of D91. With a goal of hearing what everyone has to say in order to make proper recommendations on what we are doing well as a district and where there is room for improvement and growth. The town halls along with 1:1 interviews with parents, staff, and community, a community survey, a student focus group, and various school focus groups were all a part of the Asset/Needs Assessment process. 

This is the first time the district, in particular, the leaders in the CAC have done something like this and it has been a great learning experience for everyone. The CAC is going to be presenting the findings and recommendations to Board and Dr. Alvarez in a special meeting of the Board of Education on Monday, April 4th at 6:30 pm via zoom. The Agenda and links will be posted on our website and the meeting will be live-streamed via our district youtube channel. 

The CAC and the district want to thank everyone who was able to participate in this process.  

If you were unable to attend any of the meetings please take this short survey to provide your comments by March 26th, 2022: